How to create an animated text effect in WordPress?

Leading pieces of text can be an effective way to get the attention of a visitor. It is easy to animate text in WordPress if you choose the right plugin for work. If you want to avoid complicated CSS coding and animate text using a simple shortcode, we have what you need.

We will use the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin to make text animation in WordPress. With 60 impressive animation options, the plugin necessarily has something that fits perfectly with your application.

It should be mentioned that Shortcodes Ultimate does much more than just animate text. Progression bars, quotes, info-bubbles, sliders, carousels, tables – and this is just a sample.

We are interested in text animation in this tutorial, but take the time to familiarize yourself with the plugin. It can cover many bases (and replace many other plugins).

Installation of the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin

Connect to your WordPress administration panel.

In the left navigation column, pass the mouse over the “Plugins” link and click on the “Add a new one” link.

In the “Search for plugins…” area, enter “Shortcodes Ultimate”.

Once you have located the plugin, click the “Install now” button.

Finally, click on the “Activate” button.

Configuration of Ultimate shortcodes

In the left navigation column, pass the mouse over the “Shortcodes” link and click on the “Parameters” link.

Most of the available parameters can be left with the default values assigned by the plugin. The only thing you may want to change here is to activate the “Widgets of text” in the “Activate short codes in” section.

If you only want to animate text in articles or pages, leave the box cleared and ignore all the parameters.

Animation options such as duration and deadlines are defined using variables in the individual short codes. We will get there in a minute.

Okay, let’s get some text in WordPress

To start, we will animate a line of text on an existing page.

Open a page in the WordPress editor and search for the text you want to animate.

Since we host a line of text in an existing block, we will not use a block of shortcode. We will rather add the shortcode to an existing paragraph block.

The shortcode is su_animate . There is only one required variable, “type”. Thus, a complete shortcode would look like this:

[ht_message mstyle = “info” title = “” show_icon = “” id = “” class = “”] [su_animate type = “bounceIn”] Text line to animate.[/su_animate] [/ht_message]

Take a look at the list of available types to see the different “type” options.

So circle the text you want to animate with the shortcode. Place [su_animate type = “bounceIn”] at the beginning of the text and [/ su_animate] at the end.

Now save or publish the page, and you will see your animated text at work.

I know, it’s a fixed picture, what can I say ? It does not capture the movement of the text.

If you follow this WordPress animation at home, you can see it on your own site.

Configuration of the duration of the animated text

This is where it is useful to be able to animate text without knowing CSS. The code required to configure the delay time and time is replaced by simple shortcode variables. (The CSS is not really replaced, of course, we just don’t have to deal with it.)

Okay, let’s start there . As you can probably guess, this is the time it takes for the animation to run. We will use a value in seconds. So, for our text to bounce for five seconds, we define duration = ”5 ″ .

[ht_message mstyle = “info” title = “” show_icon = “” id = “” class = “”] [su_animate type = “bounceIn” duration = “5 ″] Text line to animate.[/su_animate] [/ht_message]

Make sure you add the variable “duration” to the variable “type”.

When you save or publish the page, you can see that the animation effect takes longer to occur. So increasing the duration does not prolong the vivid effect that we saw in the first example. Instead, the effect occurs in slow motion.

The increase in the duration value can be used to create different effects. Whether you like these effects depends on the type of impact you are trying to make.

The duration variable works with any number from 0 to 20.

Configuration of the animated text deadline

The modification of the value of the control at the start of the animation. By default, when no delay value is defined, the animation starts when the page is loaded.

The delay value allows you to create a break before the start of the animation. Like the duration variable, the delay uses a value in seconds. So, to bounce our text five seconds after loading the page, we define delay = ”5 ″ .

[ht_message mstyle = “info” title = “” show_icon = “” id = “” class = “”] [su_animate type = “bounceIn” delay = “5 ″] Text line to animate.[/su_animate] [/ht_message]

And again, we add the variable “delay” the variable “type”.

One important thing to note is that there .

Thus, in our example, the text does not appear on the page until five seconds after loading the page. It takes a long time to keep a visitor waiting for the text you want him to see.

Like the duration variable, the time frame works with any number from 0 to 20.

How to use both duration and time when you animate text in WordPress

If you want to use both, you can. Just add the two values to the shortcode :

[ht_message mstyle = “info” title = “” show_icon = “” id = “” class = “”] [su_animate type = “bounceIn” duration = “5 ″ delay = “5 ″] Text line to animate.[/su_animate] [/ht_message]

Can we animate a line of text in a paragraph ?

Type of.

The Shortcodes Ultimate plugin puts the text of the shortcode in one

by default. Thus, the use of shortcode will insert a space above and below the text.

But there is a called variable that places shortcode in a beacon rather than in a beacon


To use it, insert an inline variable = “yes” .

[ht_message mstyle = “info” title = “” show_icon = “” id = “” class = “”] [su_animate type = “bounceIn” inline = “yes”] Text line to animate.[/su_animate] [/ht_message]

You may need to try different “type” values because using the effect in one changes the appearance of certain things.

Hidden bonus animation

So far, we’ve just talked about text animation. But shortcode can be used to animate almost any element of a page.

Here, I put the opening of the shortcode in front of an image, then I closed it after the image.

This melts and rebounds the image quite dramatically. It’s an impressive effect, try it.

Adding a period of 10 seconds makes it float in place stranger.

And look, now I can finally get a screenshot of the effect.

Another static image, I know, but you see the idea.

What happens if you uninstall the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin

If you uninstall the plugin, the pages and publications that used the plugin will be affected. The plugin shortcodes will stop working, so that the shortcodes themselves will be displayed wherever they have been used.

Animation without persuasion for any occasion !

We have seen how easy it is to animate text in WordPress using Shortcodes Ultimate. It’s a nice effect, and like a lot of cool effects, one that we should probably use sparingly. But to draw attention to a line of text, it’s hard to beat.

And when you use the animation shortcode on the images, you can create unusual and catchy effects. It’s fun to try to apply the animation shortcode to other elements of the page as well. But remember, use the effect sparingly. Too many good things can start to get boring and distracting.

Have you ever tried to manually add a CSS animation class to your site ? Do you think you could try to integrate the animation into your site now that you know it’s easier to do ?

Let me know in the comments.

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