Top 10 of the best WordPress themes to create his blog?

To help you save time and choose the WordPress theme that will suit you best, we have gathered for you, this list, designed to help you create any personal, corporate, fashion, travel, cryptocurrency blog. and others.

But before you get started, if you’ve never installed WordPress find out how to install a 7-step WordPress blog and how to find, install and activate a WordPress theme on your blog.

Then let’s go back to what we are there for.

1. Bibo

If you are looking for a WordPress theme dedicated to creating a trendy blog or children’s fashion blog, then the WordPress Bibo template will be the solution that will allow you to easily create your blog.

It comes with several publication formats such as: a professional gallery and many others. It has several functionalities and rich plugins that will allow you to impose your blog.

We can cite among others: who will help you sell some of your products if you have them. The Visual Composer plugin will cut off from all customization relating to your blog.

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It is a WordPress template optimized for the referencing of search engines, and it is also delivered with Slider Revolution to help you present your subjects or some of your articles in a pleasant way. You can also use it to easily create a blog dedicated to the trend trend for Men and Women.

2. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a WordPress theme dedicated to modern and functional blogs, designed to present content in a unique and timeless style.

With superb style options on hand and the demos with which it is delivered, the WordPress Brooklyn theme will allow you to . He offers a great and brilliant graphic experience for whom he gives a perfect look on different mobile devices.

3. Onfleek

Designed in a clean, modern and professional design, the WordPress Onfleek theme specializes in creating a magazine website, the look of which will no doubt appeal to your readers or subscribers.

Its clean and modern layout automatically adapts to all types of peripherals (tablets, smartphones, etc.). It integrates a powerful slider which will allow you to name just a few.

Its customization is based on one of the powerful WordPress extensions which will allow you to modify the layout of the latter visually, without having to add a single line of code. If you plan to give paid access to some of your items, it comes with the WooCommerce plugin that will help you .

4. Lily

Speaking of Lily, the next minimalist WordPress theme is an ideal and easy-to-manage tool for creating a blog. As an active internet user, you understand that user-friendly navigation is very important and that Lily has everything to provide it !

For example, the package of this elegant WordPress theme contains a context menu that remains stuck at the top of your website.

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As a result, a reader will be able to open the necessary section easily, without scrolling the entire page!

5. Louvre

This WordPress theme offers an elegant and perfect model for creating a professional website with ease. .

This is a WordPress theme to help you create a magazine or blog website. It is fully compatible with . 8 styles of sliders are also included to help you highlight your publications that will adapt to the size of the screen your visitor will have.

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Attention to detail, the carefully designed elements for, the optimized referencing for search engines were some of the ideas that the developers of this WordPress had in mind to help you impose yourself in your field.

6. NewsPaper

Newspaper is a WordPress theme specially designed to display information or news. So a priori, it is perfect for creating any magazine and even blog website. It is a classic and modern WordPress theme, dedicated to fashion or clothing trends, and whose minimalist look will highlight your articles.

On the functional side, you will not be disappointed, it has been optimized for referencing and has, a photo gallery and several other functionalities to allow you to get started quickly.

And like the majority of the WordPress themes on this list, we find as functionalities:, detailed documentation, excellent SEO,, reactive client support and more.

7. xPression

When it comes to, you should use all the benefits of recent trends. Therefore, xPression is a minimalist WordPress theme that allows you to use 4 different types of blogging items, including gallery and video.

To put it more, this fast and fluid WordPress theme has 3 layouts of ready-to-use blogs, but you can change every detail.

is to be read absolutely.

Finally, xPression contains customization options with real-time overviews of each modification you bring.

8. Mag

MAG is a WordPress theme that creates a magazine or blog website. The template design is original and perfect for any blogging project. In addition, it is compatible with all mobile devices.

This WordPress theme will allow you to create the professional WordPress blog you will need to seduce visitors, and even . It is also optimized for monetization via advertising space.

9. Newark

Newark is an amazing personal blog that has many features for bloggers and professional writers. and which will offer your website the possibility of establishing itself on the internet. It is rational and well coded, with a design that will surely convince your visitors and customers.

With a powerful option panel that will give you access to a plethora of options allowing you to configure your website as you wish, this WordPress theme will be able to suit your desires and needs.

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It is compatible with all modern and recent browsers, and incorporates a fully responsive layout, allowing it to be perfectly displayed on all screens and many others. It has an excellent typography for your visitors to focus on every word you write.

Download 近 Démo 近 Web hosting

10. Gossip

If functionality is a priority for you, then the WordPress GossipBlog theme is certainly a WordPress theme to consult as a priority.

It is based on a responsible Framework and it is delivered with 11 blog layouts, each designed for a specific type of website. You will also benefit from 9 page models, a filter gallery with lightbox, 10 custom widgets, more than 20 shortcodes, and many others.

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Despite a more limited use of white space, GossipBlog manages to retain its visitors by taking advantage of its typography and structure. But don’t take my word for truth: Discover his conception by yourself in one of the eight demos he offers on trial on the page dedicated to him on .

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