Top 15 free WordPress themes for your site?

Are you looking for a free WordPress theme for your website ? There are thousands of free themes for WordPress, which makes choice difficult for beginners and even for the most confirmed. In this article, we have selected some of the best free WordPress themes that you can use on your new site. We have classified them into 3 distinct categories: free WordPress themes for showcase sites, e-commerce sites and blogs / magazines.


During this update, we organized the 50 WordPress templates by category in order to see more clearly in the use of each, but also so that you can directly access those that interest you. We have also removed obsolete templates, and added new, more recent examples.

15 examples of free WordPress themes – Showcase site

1- Bento

Bento is a powerful multi-use WordPress theme with tons of functionality. It works very well with most page manufacturer plugins and even recommends installing one during activation. For a free WordPress theme, Bento comes with great customization options. You can access all of these options using the theme customizer.

  • Author: Satoristudio
  • Number of downloads: 9000
  • Price: Free


2. Hemingway

Hemingway is a clean WordPress blog theme with a two-column layout, a full-width header image with a parallax effect. It supports the download of personalized logo, personalized widgets (video, Flickr and Dribbble), free WordPress templates, etc. All the options in the theme are fast and easy to configure.

3. Hit

Hit is a free and minimalist WordPress blog theme. It has a full width header image and a two column layout. It comes with a very special style, which is perfect for reading and highlighting your photos.

4. Baskerville

Baskerville is a modern and elegant WordPress blog theme. It has a large, wide header image followed by your posts presented as a grid on the home page. It comes with free and beautiful WordPress templates for unique posts and pages.

5. Coral Dark

If you’re looking for a WordPress blog theme with a dark background, then try Coral Dark. It is a one or two column layout with integrated slideshow. It allows you to customize fonts and colors and is delivered with two ready-to-use widget zones.

6. Barletta

Barletta is a light and elegant WordPress blog theme. It is designed for lifestyle, travel, fashion, food and personal blogs. It focuses on improving the readability and displaying your images elegantly. It has a two-column layout with the sidebar on the right. He takes care of personalized headers, background and a featured content slide on the home page.

7. Zeal

Zeal is a free WordPress blog theme for creatives. It comes with a Jumbotron parallax with color filter option, featured posts, several areas of widgets, and amazing parallax effects. It supports custom headers, background and custom colors. It comes with several widget zones as well as free WordPress templates for the construction of the pages..

8. Extent

Extant is a minimalist WordPress blog theme designed specifically for photographers and artists. It offers design without dimensions, without side bars or widget area. The home page is designed as a grid for your posts using only images and titles. He comes with a menu placed at the top as well as two choices of layout. Do not wait any longer to download

9. Illdy

Illdy is a multi-use WordPress theme adapted to professional, personal and magazine websites. It is built on a bootstrap frame and has large header images, a two-column arrangement and full width, a custom background and a color selection.

10. Garfunkel

Garfunkel is an elegant WordPress blog theme with a grid layout on the home page. It supports custom headers, custom back-plans, six poster formats (including a presentation slideshow), six custom widgets, a social menu and two page models.

11. Tempo

Tempo is a modern WordPress blog theme that can be easily used for a corporate website. It has a clear typography with a clear and airy layout. It supports the personalized header, the parallax, the header buttons, the custom logo, the custom colors, the personalized background, the social links, the left and right sidebar and the widgets personalized. It’s a very comprehensive theme.

12. Natural Lite

Natural lite is a simple blog theme with dark and slightly earthy tones. He uses large featured images, supports the custom header and background. It comes with multi-column provisions and very easy customization options.

13. Hestia

Hestia is a free and very flexible WordPress theme for all types of websites. It comes with an easy installation assistant, and a plugin that adds testimony and services to your website. It comes with free page construction plugins and is ready for use with WooCommerce. The home page can be easily configured using the live theme personalizer where you can simply add sections and reorganize them with the “slide and drop.”.”

14. iRibbon

You are looking for a retro style for your blog ? Discover iRibbon. This magnificent “hipster” theme is designed to invoke nostalgia with its retro colors and typography. It includes a full width background image, 4 different layouts, typography options and an easy theme configuration with “slide-deposit” parameters. It is perfect for personal websites, blogs, magazines and fashion websites.

15. Breathing Mobile

As the name suggests, Responsive Mobile is a WordPress theme designed for perfect user experience on mobile. Theme functionality includes 9 page models, 11 width zones, 6 layout models, 4 menu positions, action call button, custom fonts, personalized background image, etc. Suitable for corporate websites, it is very easy to use and can be quickly implemented.

11 examples of free WordPress themes – ecommerce / online shopping site

16. Unwind site

SiteOrigin Unwind is a free multi-purpose WordPress theme with full support from WooCommerce. Designed with a minimalist style, Unwind is highly customizable using the SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin. It includes several layouts, a custm header and a customizable background as well.

17. Juno

Juno is an elegantly designed and free WordPress blog theme. It allows you to easily customize colors and fonts. Juno includes features such as a slide area, a fully reactive design and several widget areas. It supports WooCommerce and is delivered with product and blog layout.

18. Satori

Satori is a free, highly customizable WordPress theme for personal blogs and websites. It has a full width header on the home page and comes with different free WordPress templates for your pages, including support for WooCommerce, several widgets areas and several poster formats.

19. Nitro

Nitro is a highly customizable WordPress free blog theme. It comes with a nice layout with a slide on the top and the contents below. It has several widget zones, page models and supports custom headers, backgrounds, custom colors etc.

20. Author

Author is an elegant WordPress blog theme for authors and writers. It has a simple arrangement in two columns with the sidebar and the navigation menu in the left column and the contents on the right. It supports custom colors, background and several message formats. It is optimized for accessibility and performance. From now on, the theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce, which allows you to open an online store very easily.

21. Responsive

Responsive is a nice WordPress theme designed for flexibility. It is suitable for authors, personal websites, photography, and even professional websites. It comes with 9 page models, 11 widget zones, 4 menu positions and much more. It also includes powerful but simple theme options to facilitate logo downloading and social networking functionality. Responsive and compatible with WooCommerce, multilingual etc.

22. TutorStarter

TutorStarter a free theme that is perfectly suited to the e-commerce site built with WordPress. With its image at full width on the home page, you can instantly communicate your business proposal to visitors arriving on your site. It is a simple and refined theme that will suit almost all sectors of activity.

23. Envo Shop

Here is a free, modern and pleasant WooCommerce theme to navigate. If you work with page builders like Elementor, KingComposer or Divy, this theme takes care of them perfectly. In addition, this WordPress theme is optimized for referencing and compatible with the WWML multilingual plug-in. It’s up to you to download this free WordPress theme as more than a hundred people a day.

24. Vandana Lite

If you are a service provider (coaches, speakers, freelance etc.) the theme WordPress free personalizable Vandana Lite is made for you. Very simple to configure and use, this theme is also optimized for mobile devices and natural referencing. If you want to include a section about, multiple call-to-action or banners, it’s possible with Vandana Lite.

25. Blossom Shop

Among the thousands of free WordPress themes, Blossom Shop is one of the most refined. Fueled by the WooCommerce plug-in, this theme will allow you to create any kind of online store. However, we advise you to use it if you mainly sell very “visual” products. Indeed, if you work in jewelry, cosmetics or even decoration, this theme will perfectly meet your expectations. Finally, it is important to note that Blossom Shop has a very high level support and developer team.

26. Sirat

If you are looking for a free, customizable and versatile WordPress theme, Serat could be the one you need. In addition to being clean, friendly and finely organized, Sirat is very fast and perfectly optimized for referencing. It also has some interesting features, such as the WooCommerce extension, the retina ready, a flexible header, CTAs, a bootstrap frame etc. Finally, it is also possible to open a blog with this theme.

24 examples of free WordPress themes – Blog / Magazine

27. Nisarg

Nisarg is a free and very pretty WordPress blog theme. It comes with a clean layout that has two navigation menus and a large, wide header image. It also supports custom backgrounds and colors. All the options in the theme are easily customizable using the theme personalizer. It is also delivered with several post formats for videos, gallery, audio, chat, quotes, etc.

  • Author: Falguni
  • Number of downloads: + 20,000
  • Price: Free

28. Hueman

Hueman is one of the most popular free WordPress themes. It comes with a multi-column layout and can be easily used on any type of content-rich blogs. You also benefit from the support of personalized headers, the arrangement in two columns, the full width layout and many customization options.

29. Peaceful

Peaceful is a minimalist WordPress blog theme. It has a unique column layout with a large header image, a compact navigation menu and beautiful featured images. It is fast and easy to install and works on all devices and screen sizes.

30. Ajaira

Ajaira is a free blog theme for WordPress. It has a minimalist design emphasizing clean typography and beautiful featured images. It comes with a header search bar, a custom background, a custom header and a wide variety of colors. All options in this topic are easy to configure using the live personalizer.

31. Wisteria

Wisteria is a simple WordPress blog theme focusing on typography and content. It comes with a custom background, custom colors, a custom header and a sidebar on the left. Wisteria also has a unique navigation menu on top and a nice home page that presents your messages with personalized extracts and featured images.

32. Ribosome

Ribosome is a free and customizable WordPress theme, perfect for a magazine or blog. It has a unique navigation menu and a social menu on top. Ribosome comes with a two-column layout with a sidebar on the right. It has six different Google fonts, round or square vignettes, two Widgets at the beginning and at the end of the posts, perfect for displaying announcements or related publications.

33. Poseidon

Poseidon is a free and multi-use WordPress blog theme. Endowed with a spacious arrangement, it is delivered with a full width slider, the layout of the reception and several page models. Layout of the home page can be easily configured using widgets.

34. Maxwell

Maxwell is a minimalist and elegant WordPress theme. It has a very clean magazine style layout with a nice typography. It contains various layouts and a magnificent slideshow of featured posts.

35. Writee

Writee is a free WordPress theme adapted to personal websites, travel and adventure blogs. He has a large slide on top that uses featured images from blog tickets. It comes with several free WordPress page templates, but also personalized widgets, among many other features.

36. Verbosa

Verbosa is an elegantly designed WordPress blog theme. It is designed with readability in order to highlight your content placed in the center. It uses a three-column layout on the home page with two columns showing your content.

37. Lovecraft

Lovecraft is a clean, simple, free WordPress blog theme. It has a full width personalized header and uses bold titles for the titles of the posts. It is designed with a sidebar on the left and a navigation menu at the top.

38. Magnus

Magnus is a free WordPress theme for bloggers, especially in photography. It uses the image of each post as a header image in full screen. The layout of the home page is just a featured image with the post titles. It uses a column layout. It has a sidebar, a navigation menu on top, and supports custom headers. You should also consider using Magnus in combination with Envira Gallery, a powerful WordPress gallery plugin.

39. Fashionistas

As the name suggests, Fashionistas is a WordPress theme for fashion and lifestyle blogs. It has a light and aerial design with a beautiful typography and a magnificent display of images. It comes with two navigation menus, the right sidebar and the midgets areas at the foot of the page.

40. Admiral

Admiral is a magazine-style WordPress theme suitable for sports blogs, magazines and news sites. It has a three-column layout with two side bars on both sides and a column of contents in the middle. It comes with a slideshow of featured posts, a magazine style home page model, a “widgetized” header area, two different layouts and support for infinite scrolling.

41. Revive

Revive is a wonderful free blog theme for WordPress. It has a magazine style layout with a large header image. Your star content will be displayed in a post grid. It is integrated with Font Awesome icons and supports several blog.t layouts

42. Hiero

Hiero is a free WordPress blog theme with a magazine style layout. It uses bright colors for the header. It uses a two-column layout and is delivered with a navigation menu on top. The home page displays your latest posts with extracts and star images.

43. Tracks

Tracks is a WordPress blog theme designed for personal sites, magazines and photography sites. You can include your logo, social media icons, a search bar, widgets areas and a clean typography. The home page features a grid layout of your posts with featured images.

44. Scratchpad

Scratchpad is an illustrative and colorful WordPress blog theme. He uses a set of patterns, drawings and styles to create a beautiful and fun look. It supports several poster formats and displays them beautifully. He has a sidebar on the right, and another one at the bottom.

45. The Columnist

The Columnist is a WordPress blog theme with a magazine style look. It includes various provisions for the home page, archives, bbPress, and BuddyPress. It also includes a responsive customizable slide and four color models.

46. Tecblogger

Tecblogger is a simple and refined WordPress blog theme. It has a classic look with a content column and a sidebar on the right. It comes with a navigation menu on top and supports custom headers and custom backplanes.

47. MadHat

MadHat is built on the Bootstrap framework, and it is a free, multi-use WordPress theme with a black and white layout that can be easily personalized. It comes with Font Awesome icons, several blog layout and sidebar customizations.

48. iFeature

iFeature is a modern and elegant WordPress theme that is suitable for magazines, professional and personal websites. It has a full width background image, a slide on top that displays your contents. It includes features such as “sticky header”, a text box for the author, several widget areas and free WordPress templates for site pages. All options in the theme can be easily configured using the “slide-depose” in the live customizer.

49. Ignite

Ignite is an elegant WordPress blog theme with a classic blog look. It comes with a two-column layout, a compact upper bar used for navigation menus, site title and description. It uses medium size images before the post titles and uses a clear typography for a better reading experience on your blog. An advice ? You should download this free WordPress theme now.

50. Dynamico

You knew the popular topic Dynamic News ? Here is his successor, Dynamico ! This responsive theme is ideal if you want to launch your magazine or blog. With fresh and pleasant colors, you can create a custom layout to highlight the content you want.

We hope this list helped you find the best free WordPress blog themes for your website. If, on your side, you are using another WordPress theme that fits into this list, please let us know in a comment below.

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